36' Sailboat Mast Boot Self Fusing Silicone Tape- FASTEST FUSING 20 year shelf life

This is the two inch wide tape compared to a standard roll

What is it?

This is a self fusing extruded tape with no adhesive. Use it to make a Sailboat mast boot in minutes without the need to unstep the mast! It's cohesive- it sticks only to itself, is remarkably STRONG and is the FASTEST FUSING TAPE on the market. This tape makes other silicone tapes appear anemic. If you've used other silicone tapes and liked them, you'll LOVE this tape! This is not cheap tape- this is the best silicone tape.

What do you have?

We have 36 foot length rolls, 30 mil thick rectangular self fusing silicone tape in WHITE only. Our 36 foot rolls are more than 3 times longer than the boot tape rolls sold by others. This tape exceeds MIL SPEC ratings and is made in USA.

How much is it?

This tape normally retails for $59.95 plus shipping. When you use Buy it now for 49.95 and you will get THREE of the standard size rolls as a bonus (I choose the colors- the colors all work the same). I sell the THREE standard rolls alone here on eBay for $21.95!

What about the cheaper tapes?

There is a market for anything- even cheap parachutes. If you're like me you value your time and safety. Why take a chance on cheap products? They typically mean you need to do the job twice (is that cheaper?) or worse could fail when needed most. You should also check to be sure you get the same amount of tape, where it has been stored, what the backing material is, and packaging to protect the catalyst from exposure which may limit fusing action.

What about colors?

I also have a Colors Kit available. You can buy all seven colors of the 12 foot rolls- one of each color- for only $41.95.
Here are the colors I have and their common marking uses:

See my other auctions for the Color Kit deal and the standard roll deal.

How to compare to other boot tapes?

This tape FUSES together and has NO ADHESIVE on it. It doesn't BOND like other tapes- it becomes one piece of silicone modled to itself. No sticky messes when you remove this either. Simply cut it off, no residues. It also WORKS WET and UNDER WATER.

What is it used for?

Example Usage

You can use this tape for rigging. Wrap your spreaders after coating them with CorrosionX (if you like)- it's much stronger than any rigging tape and it's the best rigging tape you'll ever use. Also great for whipping the ends of lines as well as many other uses such as fixing leaking hoses. This stuff fuses together in about a minute (not bonding- fusing- it becomes one molded piece) and it seals air and water tight. I believe every boat should have some aboard. It comes in handy.

You stretch this tape and wrap it around your project. It does not stick to anything except itself and because you stretch it you end up yielding much more than 36 foot of tape when applied as it stretches 300 percent to make a tight seal.

Use this Self fusing silicone tape to replace electrical tape- it never comes unraveled. It also replaces heat shrink tubing without breaking a circuit, no heating- just stretch and wrap around any shape).

Basic Specs

So what's the fine print?

I guarantee your satisfaction with this product. If you are not satisfied with the product in the first seven days after receipt, simply return postpaid for a refund.

This Self fusing silicone tape is supplied without warranty expressed or implied for any specific purpose or fitness of use. Conditions of usage are totally in your control so the seller (me) and the manufacturer can assume no liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the product including any consequential damages which may occur as a result.

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